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Transportation is vital to the world’s economy. Practically everything we hold in our hands was manufactured in one location, packaged and distributed to another,  delivered and consumed in yet another.

Taxat Logistics has over 5 years of experience in Cargo and Freight management with large fleet of trucks offering 20 ', 40' and 45 'Hc container transport services.

Starting in 2015, the main objective of this company was international freight transport. Taxat Logistic Company has over 5 years of activity in the field of international road transport.

Currently, our fleet is composed of:

  • 50 EURO 6 tractor units
  • 5 semi-trailers 2015
  • 5 3.5 tonne vans
  • 2 mobile service vans
  • 20 cars

Taking into account the new transport requirements, the company has 65 highly experienced drivers, professionally certified by ARR for international freight and ADR international transport.

From a technical point of view, we have a team professionally trained to repair the vehicles, but also for the 24h /7 displacement and intervention in solving the problems during the transport service, aswell for the problems that require a longer time to be fixed the company owns a service center in Duisburg-Germany.

In our company we have a designated employee for the monthly performance of work protection and a counselor for the employment contracts to follow.

From the point of view of the guarantee of transport, the company currently has labor contracts with important logistics companies from Germany-Duisburg and Hamburg, Holland-Rotterdam and Belgium-Antwerpen.

The transport service activity takes place in the largest ports of those countries, including France, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, etc.

In addition to the high-quality transport services offered by our company, the company boasts a young team of drivers with high experience and professionalism.

The activity is carried out internationally and respects the new rules imposed by the European Transport Commission, favoring the continuation of the transport contracts and the conclusion of other favorable contracts.